SQL08: Create table using conditional data dictionary SQL Server


Sometimes we need to check the existence of a table in a script or scheduled task to record events of errors, first executions etc ... Let us take an example, a package of integration services that we tend to distribute or run there where we go and that leaves traces in a custom table that is not the default for loading logs. We could always include a performance task or sql script, run right or wrong, is the first to run on the package and then continue. Being purists this just is not quite "neat"

(Execution int PRIMARY KEY,
Package varchar (50),
Date datetime);

In the first run the output is correct but fail after creating the table.This can substitute vision consulting sys.objects , where there is a record for each object in the database, and verify the existence of the table before creating it. The visibility of the metadata is limited to securables owned by the user or on which the user has any permissions.

Degenerate dimensions

The term degenerate dimension, refers to a field that will be used as a criterion of analysis and that is stored in the fact table.
This happens when a field to be used as a criterion of analysis has the same level of data granularity that the fact table, and therefore can not perform grouping or summarized by the field. The "item number", "ticket numbers", "transaction number" etc., are examples of degenerated dimensions.
The inclusion of these fields in the tables of facts, lleva done to reduce duplication and simplify queries.
It could raise the option of simply include these fields in a dimension table, but in this case would be holding a row of this dimension for each row in the fact table, therefore we get the duplication of information and complexity, which is intended precisely avoided.

How not to build a data warehouse


 Ralph Kimball

This series of articles was originally published on the website of Business Intelligence for @ bifacil . Given the good reception of this series on how to build a data warehouse , I decided to publish it also in my Blog DATAPRIX. Hope you like it.

The origin of this series is a very interesting article by Ralph Kimball (Any clueless who do not know?) which details the 12 most common mistakes in building a data warehouse.

This is an excellent article .Every time I have committed any of these errors, I had to rectify soon. Not worth the shortcuts to do things right from the beginning.

The twelve most common mistakes in building a data warehouse are:

  • Error 12: Include text attributes in a fact table, if done with the intention of filtering or croup.

SSAS: Removing the system administrator user administrative access to our Analysis Services instance


Security in Analysis Services security is based on Windows itself. Users are authenticated using local Windows accounts (server) or domain and may have rights according to the roles to which they belong. What does this mean? By decree and if not we change the configuration of our SSAS instance users who belong to the Administrators role of SO as Administrators also can enter the instance. To change this behavior and limit the administration of SSAS to users who have marked as such we must change the value of the property Security \ BuiltinAdminsAreServerAdmins and set it to false. But be careful in doing so, we will not run out of managers, we must first make sure we have another account in the list of SSAS administrators.

To access the properties of the instance we connect as an administrator and do the right button click on the name of it. In general we see and change the value there.

For a list of current administrators of the department which have been added explicitly in the same place, but we can certainly reference point.

Translation of terminology Oracle - DB2 LUW


With version 9.7 of DB2 LUW, IBM makes a nod to all Oracle DBAs, much more numerous in the DB2 market.

For this reason, in version 9.7 has introduced Oracle compatibility modes that let you perform tasks in DB2 with the ease and knowledge that all Oracle DBAs have. However, it is important to know the translation of terminology between Oracle and DB2 if you intend to get into the DB2 world.

In this first article, I relate a number of items from which this introduction is simple and can be read easily DB2 documentation. Including general terminology, updates, utilities, and views.

Oracle Security Checklist


Oracle does not normally expect to find in SMEs but rather in large enterprises. This makes us have to put batteries in terms of security, not to implement a simple configuration but make a good and detailed study.

What better than a checklist to help to put a good setup and we are not passing anything. That is why I attached a pdf format and is divided in four sections: Reinforcement, Security Updates, default passwords and default ports used by Oracle.

Oracle Security Checklist

Hope you like ..

See you at the Forum for Business Intelligence 2.0


T4 Barajas Airport (Madrid)

Well, after the draw for two tickets for a 0 º Forum of Business Intelligence , which have won the users BI easier and hminguet Pau (BI easy) confirmed he will attend, and Hector (hminguet) still is thinking .

For my part I also confirm my attendance at this important event BI, and I will be there available to anyra want to say hello 'physically'.

See you on Wednesday in Madrid!

Dataprix labs inaugurated an online demo of Pentaho


We have created a space Dataprix which we call Lab, accessible from the domain labs.dataprix.com , where we operate online experiments and demonstrations of products.

Start the experiment, in beta, allowing online access to the virtual image and Mariano Dario Pentaho of eglue Group . A try and we will say what that is behaves. We hope in future to be updated version of Pentaho and go to expand the data, reports and dashboards available, but what we have now is enough to prove how this Open Source BI server.And if anyone wants to tinker more simply download the virtual image, with all pre-configured development environment.

The user pre-configured in the demo have permission to create new reports. To ensure the quality and usefulness of it from time to time review the new reports and let us just look more interesting.

Hephaestus v2.0


Hi, I am very pleased to announce that version 2.0 is ready Hephaestus: Data Warehousing: Concepts Research and Systematization - Hephaestus: Methodology for Building a Data Warehouse. "

There have been many updates on both the theoretical, as in the methodology.
Here is a small list of the new sections that have been incLUID:
  • Query Manager -> Drill-through.
  • Data Area.
  • Performance.
  • Surrogate Keys.
  • Slowly Changing Dimensions.
  • Degenerate dimension.
  • Size Clustering.

How do email marketing and do not die trying


Today we all know the email as one of the most widely used marketing tools, but most. We are tired of receiving hundreds of emails every day trying to convince us to buy any product that we promise the sky and pretend to be the solution to all our problems. But what makes us an email to open or not, and does do some campaigns succeed and others fail? Where is the difference to get our customer reach or stay in the bin of your email program?

Today we all know the email as one of the most widely used marketing tools, but most. We are tired of receiving hundreds of emails every day trying to convince us to buy any product that we promise the sky and pretend to be the solution to all our problems.But what makes us an email to open or not, and does do some campaigns succeed and others fail? Where is the difference to get our customer reach or stay in the bin of your email program?

We will try to draw some conclusions about what a difference from other campaigns.

As I Zun Tzu: "The battles are won before they start." With email is exactly the same, once given to the submit button, all bets are off and if we have not hecho our job, our campaign will not work.


With data from London fresh from the oven and loaded into the database, we built a project within Microstrategy, giving high attributes and hierarchies, all watched indicators and additional indicators for the calculation of percentages or intermediate values. The proposed analysis has been simplified as much as possible, it is not our aim to consider all possible variants and casuistic we could...
At present the blue ocean strategy is becoming more important for those you have not heard of it, was made ​​by W. Kim Chan in his book "Blue Ocean Strategy." The central idea of this book is based on the idea that the best strategy to drive out competition is not directly compete with this, quite the opposite: stop competing. In other words: instead of trying to beat the competition...
This video will undertake the following actions: * Installing and configuring MySQL GUI Tools. * Installation of Apache Tomcat. * Installation of Mondrian. * Installing OpenI. * Creating the database "practical." Greetings Mariano García Mattio