ShrinkDatabase of SQL Server may cause fragmentation and performance issues


ShrinkDatabase SQL ServerIn SQL Server you can use the DBCC SHRINKDATABASE command to reduce the space occupied by the data files and log of a database.

The problem with SHRINKDATABASE is that, contrary to what may seem, if not used carefully, the result can be a significant increase in the fragmentation of the indexes, and tables, which leads to a worsening of performance of our SQL Server, data and even an increased footprint when affected by fragmentation indexes are rebuilt...

Pentaho Kettle Solutions: Reviews

I just finished reading Pentaho Kettle Solutions. This book is so extensive and interesting, I've been reading longer than I thought, but I was surprised with the quality of content and diversity of topics covered..

Pentaho Data Integration 4 Cookbook: Reviews

After a couple of weeks of reading and testing, I concluded the reading of Pentaho Data Integration 4 Cookbook. This new book by Maria Carina Roldan..

Reading Pentaho Data Integration 4 Cookbook


Pentaho Data Integration CookbookA few days ago I received the book Pentaho Data Integration Cookbook, by Richard Dias and Maria Carina Roldan.

According to Maria Carina on his blog, "... is a book to read while you learn with the computer. The Cookbook is a reference book to have on hand whenever we are developing. At some point we have a question (how do to attach this file?, how data from a processing step to another?, etc.).. And there's the book, always ready with a recipe to help us resolve that doubt or problem .... "


Pentaho Kettle Solutions: Reviews


Good ..

I just finished reading Pentaho Kettle Solutions . This book is so extensive and interesting, I've been reading longer than I thought, but I was surprised with the quality of content and diversity of topics covered.

Aspects to evaluate the selection of an ETL tool.


Addressing a business intelligence project is important to proper assessment of the ETL tool that we use. The tool based on which we will implement our procurement processes of the Datamart, Datawarehouse or storage structure based on which further exploit the data.

Oracle BI Publisher


We show a summary of capabilities of this tool integrated in the Oracle BI suite including the features included in version 11g.

There is also a standalone version of XML Publisher Enterprise Standalone Oracle suite.
Oracle BI Publisher to publish and distribute reports in the field of enterprise-wide operational reporting detail.

Make charts quickly with SAS (SAS module / BASE).


We continuously with the need for rankings, get the top ten or top N of our customers get by product, geographic region, etc ...

Obviously there are thousands of ways and tools to get it. Enclosed below is a quick way to do if a member of SAS, specifically SAS / BASE and you have already in SAS data set and want to avoid having to pass these data to other modules and reporting tools.

Using the procedure 'proc means' to add data to the level of grouping that you need to specify the CLASS clause. Order via 'proc sort' aggregate information indicating that they should get the first n values.Use the 'proc report' and 'proc gchart' to display the results.

This quick report, may be useful as a first test to ensure that the information loaded into the DWH is correct via SAS processes without running reports on the layer of exploitation.

More information:

Real Time Data Integration - CDC


There is an ever greater need in the Business Intelligence environment to have the information in the shortest time possible, data generation cycles getting shorter and updating of data in near real time. There is talk of 'Operational Business Intelligence (OBI)' and 'Real Time Decision Support'.

It is critical to reaching operational data analytic environments in   shortest possible time. There is a need for a 'Real Time Data Integration'.

In the optimization of these processes of data integration, we must consider both the source data source usual (ERP's, CRM's, operating systems, databases, flat files, Excel, XML, etc. ..) and other nature more immediate such as messaging queues and on-line information accessed via Web services or RSS.

A technology that is allowing these cycles shorten data integration technology is the CDC (Change Data Capture). This technology captures and stores the changes that occur in source systems in real time.

HP Oracle for reporting the case Itanium


In mid March this year, Oracle announced that it stopped developing products for Itanium processor platforms. Indicated that other manufacturers were already doing (Red Hat and Microsoft), and called for talks with Intel to make its decision.

 Oracle Software Development All Stops For Intel Itanium Microprocessor 

Since that time, HP will continue to try to Oracle supports its products with Itanium, gradually raising the charges to Oracle until the last day-June 15 HP sued Oracle.

& Nbsp;

Although we will never know the whole truth, there are different versions in the sector, perhaps the most talked about is suggesting that the discontinuation is that Oracle wants to disadvantage HP servers (Integrity range HP-UX = + Itanium processor) in order to compete with its increasingly sold SUN platform (now the third position on UNIX platforms).That is, encourage your Unix, removing or leaving the market at a distinct disadvantage to its competitor HP HP-UX.