The suites of Oracle Business Intelligence

Cuadros de mando de Oracle AnswersOracle, in addition to their famous manager database has a large catalog of software products, many developed internally and acquired through the purchase of other companies.  Within the environment of business intelligence that fact is even more remarkable as just more of Oracle's recent acquisitions were purchases of BI software vendors.
The result is that although each tool has some features and a more appropriate market, there are many overlaps, and costs a little lie when choosing what software or set of tools we could use for our business intelligence project...

Installing SQL Server Management Studio Express 2008


I just finished an installation of SQL Server 2008 Express and SQL Server 2008 Management Studio Express, and I had to go around to a couple of points of the system that are not too intuitive. With this post I hope to facilitate the work of whoever is in the same situation later.

To begin with I thought that Management Studio already installed with the database, and it does not. First you install the SQL Server engine, and then download another package to install SQL Server Management Studio.

Installing SQL Server Express will not comment because I did any problem worthy of mention, and it is well explained in many other places.I connect the Microsoft download page where the installation packages of SQL Server 2008 Express

Once installed the database, you must download the installation package of SQL Server 2008 Management Studio Express , available on the Microsoft website.

SSIS: Workaround to two errors for no apparent reason when we insert data in MySql


For whatever reason we may have to develop a suite of Microsoft Integration Services that we move data from any source to a table in a MySQL database.

The first aim will be to do with a Destination ADO.NET and MySQL provider for the connection. If we do well to insert the data directly, to create the target, select the connection and then select the table an error like the following check everything with the preview or when I make the assignments.

This error is due to the compatibility mode of ansi sql mysql database where we try to load the data.To solve this we must connect to MySQL server and change the compatibility of ansi sql database *:

TOCA: ~ # mysql-u root-p

Enter password:

Welcome to the MySQL monitor. Commands end with; or \ g.

Your MySQL connection id is 77

Server version: 5.0.51a-24 + lenny3-log (Debian)

Type 'help,' or '\ h' for help. Type '\ c' to clear the buffer.

SQL08: Synchronizing Database Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 on SQL Server 2008


For those database administrators who have to deal with such a Dynamics Ax 2009 and his henchmen (developers, consultants, etc. ) Leave here a couple of things you should know (or I should say) when we join ax2009 and sql server 2008. Sometimes you can point to the database as a source of the problem but not always. Some requirements to consider for installing Ax2009 is that the user you want access to the facility must be a member of DOMAIN and sql server role must be a member of securityadmin dbcreator and to create the new database from Ax installer.Once installed (or during the installation process) the problem with the database that we can find include:

Case 1:
Another known problem in the synchronization of data can occur due to the lack of permits. The message reads something like:

"Can not execute a data definition language command on ().
The SQL database has issued an error.
Problems DURING SQL data dictionary synchronization.
The operation failed.
Synchronize failed on 1 table (s) "

This particular case is solved giving db_ddladmin permissions on the database in question.

The ecosystem of the Cloud Computing


Call it whatever you want: Cloud Computing, SaaS or SaaS, but the software distributed via the Internet, easily scalable and marketed under subscription to which we refer in this article as "Cloud Computing" is today the fundamental reality the world of enterprise software (and the software world in general)

Far from being a long-term trend (as it was when we called ASP) is a reality that is upon us and whose presence in our industry is not going to only increase in coming years.

Oracle BI Publisher


We show a summary of capabilities of this tool integrated in the Oracle BI suite including the features included in version 11g.

There is also a standalone version of XML Publisher Enterprise Standalone Oracle suite.
Oracle BI Publisher to publish and distribute reports in the field of enterprise-wide operational reporting detail.



Aunque las dimensiones de un sistema business intelligence se suelen representar gráficamente como un cubo de tres dimensiones, el sistema se puede generalizar a N dimensiones.

Call-dimensional data that allow us to filter, group or section information. The term "dimension" still has a technical connotation, so many people are calling "attribute", "property", "property", "field" or even "blue square" (in the case of an installation BO).

Business Intelligence Some applications use the term "dimension" as equivalent to "hierarchy" (especially in multidimensional databases.)Thus, speaking of the geographical dimension which includes different levels of continents, countries, regions, provinces and localities.

In-database analytical solutions. Case SAS - Teradata

Within SAS solutions focused on improving performance and response time analytic environments highlights the effort with the proposed SAS In-Database. This proposal is accompanied by other high-performance solutions such as Grid Computing and SAS SAS In-memory, which also improve performance, help manage the workload and provide the scalability of laboratory environments.
The SAS In-Database solution reduces the need to move large volumes of data between SAS and DBMS solutions. Perform data processing, analytical processes or reporting within the database where this information resides reduce unnecessary data movement and provides the functions of governance data.Moreover, MPP architecture takes advantage of database and data warehouse environments to improve scalability and performance of processes.
In particular, emphasizes the integration of SAS and Teradata. This agreement has created Analytic SAS and Teradata Advantage Program, combining the analytical power of SAS to the benefits of Teradata data warehouse environments.
The solution reduces costs in the preparation of data for analytical processes and improves time in obtaining analytical results.