Videotutorial "Mount Mondrian + MySQL + OpenI" Part (3 / 12) - 02-Installation of programs


This video will undertake the following actions:

* Installing and configuring MySQL GUI Tools.

* Installation of Apache Tomcat.

* Installation of Mondrian.

* Installing OpenI.

* Creating the database "practical."


Mariano García Mattio

Conclusions. Final evaluation of Microstrategy 9.


During the past two months we have been validating the functionality that the suite provides Microstrategy 9 (most of them included, as we saw in the free version Reporting Suite ). To do this, we define a simple project set in the sales analysis, with which we could develop and exploit the BI system and to validate and examine each and every one of the features of the product in detail (and expand our knowledge on the various techniques associated with the Business Intelligence).

Example of using Microstrategy Dashboard

We have tried to do more teaching the test, including real examples and expanding all aspects of Business Intelligence related theory to get in position. Here you have links to different blog entries:

Tools that emulate our way of thinking


A logical trend in knowledge management tools is to try to simulate the natural way in which we organize our thoughts.

This will provide an interface to create or attach easily contained and linked by association and quickly, avoiding the traditional hierarchical organization to provide many applications. In this way the contents are organized in network structure, and become mental maps that shape our understanding of specific topics.

On Tuesday we celebrated another successful BI Beers


On Tuesday we celebrated another successful BI BeersOn Tuesday we had the promised post-holiday BI Beers and, as on previous occasions, in a relaxed atmosphere, left very interesting topics of conversation.

On this occasion we could not overcome the previous record, but 10 people attended, which is not bad. Again many of those who attended the last, which means that like it. In the usual were Xavier y Mara, Enric, Pau, David, Juanjo, and Jorge Fernández,who was finally able to re-animate combined event. The new additions were Antonio Valle, of Gobierno TIC and Jordi Rodriguez, which I also repeated in the next. We failed to Fabian Isabel, who had promised to come to ask about BI...


Sql08: New Data on our server. Think and avoid defaults


With SQL Server you can fall very easily into what is usually said about Microsoft products "Next, Next and ready." We will not deny it, Microsoft gets to have people with little idea go ahead and it is a merit. But let the issue. If you start a new application and we must create the data structure, do not let the developers alone and not to use the MS Management Studio. Normally, as the database is concerned, they are created taking into account several things:

  1. Proper adjustment of the data types for each column
  2. Foreign Keys and Indexes
  3. Default size of log files
  4. Fillfactor in rates

The first two points are good practices that are usually comment but little else can we do as stewards of the database, but make sure that takes place and help if needed.Also the subject index is something that can be raised later. But the last two points are responsible. We should know the type of application, the use to be (rd / ESCR) and estimate the volume of data growth in order to contribute our grain of sand.

Initially we can adjust the size of the files in the database (properties database). If we hope to assemble a database that will grow very fast will increase the initial size if needed and adjust the growth of the registry files (. Ldf) and row data (. Mdf).If, however, is small we could leave the defaults.

Pentaho Data Integration 3.2: Reviews



A few days ago I finished reading (and do the exercises!) The book Pentaho Data Integration 3.2 - Beginner's Guide , written by Maria Carina Roldan .

As I've been doing, I will make a series of reviews from different perspectives:

1) Overview: This is a very enjoyable and easy book to read. Each topic is dealt with a lot of dedication pointing to understand what you want to convey is the m á s high as possible.

Note the quantity and quality of the examples presented in the book, as well as the emphasis on detailing what was done and why.

Main thing to stress to be clear, is that Maria Carina in his book talks about the Data Integration and not just "ETL processes to load a DW", which makes reading can help us in many areas.

2) Detailed Review: Pentaho Data Integration 3.2 is a walk through the integration of data through examples, practical advice and recommendations presented to us by Maria Carina, using PDI course.

Remote access with dblink in oracle with or without global_name


"Without knowing how easy the item may seem difficult"

Creating a database link to point to an oracle database to another in principle is easier, if you read the post of dataprix Remote access through Oracle dblink . The pity is that in this post do not say anything about the global_name of each database is renamed as dblink if global_name are active.


  1. We created the dblink to a dummy database hr (prior settings ...): tnsnames
    create database link to connect dblinkrrhh recursoshumanos IDENTIFIED BY hr USING 'hr';
  2. Consult your name and surprise is not called if DBLINKRRHH.REGRESS.RDBMS.DEV.US.ORACLE.COM dblinkrrhh.We can see with the following query:
    select * from dba_db_links; Now what?

Informatica World 2008 in Las Vegas


Finally I could attend the Informatica World 2008, now I'll try to explain what I found there. The conference was held under the slogan 'Gain the Edge'  from june 3 to 5.

First day began (after breakfast) with a general session entitled Vision. Strategy. Technology Announcements. Industry leadership. At the session both Sohaib Abbasi, President and CEO of Informática, as Chris Boorman, Ivan Chon and Girish Pancha, Vice-presidents in the Marketing, Data quality and Data integration areas respectively, showed their vision of current market, how technology and business are evolving and what role play in this context data and data-related aplicacions.

Much of what was familiar to me, because I had seen before at the Powerday 2008 Barcelona. This is an indicator that the company maintains a well-defined strategy, and shares with its partners.

Each speaker under the perspective of his area made particular emphasis on data value and the importance for each organization of the ability to maintain consistency and quality, ensure on time data availability, protection, sinchronization, and eficient data management and exchange with other organizations.

We noted that now having a Data Warehouse System that delivers new information every certain hour interval is insuficient. Internet and technological development, the globalization and our competitors are the reason. We heard repeatedly terms like SaaS, Real Time and Data Quality, clues about the new features of Powercenter and other tools of the company.

They also made an interesting demo about how an application like can be synchronized in real time through the internet with a Google Docs spreadsheet. This cloud to to cloud computing example was made showing on left screen and Google spreadsheet on right screen, each controlled by a laptop. The made a change in data, and we saw how Google spreadsheet was automatically updated. Then they made a change in the spreadsheet and we saw how data was also updated. Finally, they repeat the last part, but using an iPod Touch instead of the laptop. We must consider the opportunities that new mobile devices bring when we connect it to Internet.

Oracle Warehouse Builder 10g general availability


If you work with Oracle databases and are thinking about using and ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) tool to create or support a Data warehouse system, or simply to facilitate data integration or migrations, you have to know that Oracle allows to use his Oracle Warehouse Builder basic version without any license charge. The only requirement is that you have at least a license of Oracle Database Standard Edition One, Oracle Database Standard Edition or Oracle Database Enterprise Edition.

More details at Oracle Announces General Availability of Oracle(r) Warehouse Builder 10g Release 2 

Design patterns and business model for Web 2.0



The new generation of business applications and the web begins to fall under the term Web 2.0. 

Here are some points to consider for anyone who is raised to open or maintain a business within the new stage of the Network:

1. The Long Tail (The Long Tail) 

Small websites are the vast majority of Internet content, the small niches constitute the vast majority of potential applications. So: Take advantage of the use of self by the client and the data management algorithms to reach the entire web, at the ends and not just the center, the long tail and not just the head.

2. The data is the next Intel Inside 

Applications are increasingly based on the data. Therefore: For competitive advantage, look to be the owner of a unique data source and difficult to reproduce.

3. Users add value 

The key to competitive advantage in internet applications is the extent to which users add their own data that you provide. Therefore: Do not limit your "architecture of participation" to software development. Involve users both implicitly and explicitly in adding value to your application.

4.Externalidades default network 


Smart City is a concept that brings together all the characteristics associated with organizational change, technological, economic and social development of a modern city. From the point of view of the city, the result is an easy city, which adapts its operation to the needs of its population . It is therefore necessary to develop intelligent systems that provide information, not demand, but...
The technology is a path in some way parallel to the evolution in nature: for a while nothing much happens, but occasionally, a mutation makes giant leap. Some mutations are successful, others not. A priori, we are never able to imagine the advantages that concrete progress can bring us. Do not talk to the press, which led to some headaches. Let us just mention the modern mobile phone,...
As can be seen, thanks to the post of the blog , Artificial Intelligence is present in the daily activities of the different sectors of activity, or even in our free time: video games or sports . This week I talk about the use of Artificial Intelligence,   in the primary sector of the economy, namely agriculture. The global sector employs a total of more than 15 million square...