Part 08) Download the connector (driver) JDBC MySQL


In this case, called Part 08), we will see how to download the plug (driver) JDBC-MySQL



MySQL performance improvement by adjusting some parameters


MySQL, like most database managers, to easily modify the parameters that control memory sizes engaged in certain tasks, resource utilization, concurrency limits, etc.

Properly adjusting these parameters can be obtained many performance improvements, especially if the server / s of the database is not about resources, and if the SQL optimization can not be improved more.

I recently have done some basic settings in a MySQL database, so I take this opportunity to explain some of the process I followed for those seeking an easy way to make a first optimization of parameters in the database.This is not to say that this is the best way to do just that to me has been good;)

The first comment that can be very useful to check in phpMyAdmin to the sections 'Show information about MySQL runtime' and 'Show MySQL system variables', normally accessible from the home page of the application.

The first displays information and statistics collected and maintained the system since its beginning. Pay special attention to the values ​​of variables are shown in red, and the advice provided to the right of these values.

EasyAsk software, BI reporting form 'smart'


EasyAsk , Progress Software is a BI tool with the peculiarity that the request for reporting, analysis, dashboards and even gives the user an interface where you ask a question or a request for information that is accurate, language natural, and the tool translates it to SQL, MDX or whatever it takes to return a report of what the user requests. It's like a search engine, but applied to our information systems.
The novelty is that it seems that not only confined to locate reports, as do other search systems BI tools, but also interpret what the user entered in natural language as parameters to show just the information you requested .
This functionality is well justified its classification as a tool for Business Intelligence.

BI EasyAsk, Progress Software

In this demo EasyAsk can see how it works.Just have to see how to prepare the information, reports, parameters and metadata for the search guesses with requests made by the user.
If anyone has ever tried, we discuss how this behaves, and if he meets with real datarequests as well as in the demo.

Launch of the microsites of Dataprix


Start a new section in Dataprix.

This is the section Microsites , a place where they unite all the content that a software company, manufacturer or service provider-posted on Dataprix.

For the microsites is directly accessible from the main menu, and the organization of these sites is similar to the main page Dataprix, only that in each section shows only the content posted by the appropriate business user. As in the main sections of Dataprix, following each link ' more ', you reach another detail page showing all the publications of that type of content created by the company.

Right blocks are also customized exclusively for the company.They show your logo, upcoming events organized by a banner of your choice and a block that displays the contents that have received more visits from all who have been published.

We inaugurate this new section Microsite Informatica , and hope to soon have new microsites, and new features.

Pentaho BI Server 3.6 stable release is now available!


Hello People,
Now available version 3.6 of the Pentaho biserver, including new features and improvements include:
"Mondrian 3.2
-Ability to set the debug level in biserver startup files (. Bat and. Sh)
If you want to download, you can do from here .
Other features and improvements here .

Introducing IBM Cognos BI, Business Intelligence suite of IBM


IBM Cognos 8 BI is a suite of business intelligence used more widely. This software is fairly comprehensive, but manageable, and a leader of the BI market.
The main applications are used by a web portal that controls the Business Intelligence Server, which is the heart of the instrument.
This portal is called Cognos Connection and the same, provided by the web, you can access the environmental management options for different applications and services that provides Cognos, the folder structure that organizes the reports, dashboards and other accessories that can be integrated in the portal.
Each application is designed to cover a type of needs that often occur in such environments.Most deals 100% web browser, is to develop and design reports, events and metrics for review or analysis tasks.



Telecommunications is one of the most prodigious of XXL, but it is more nesario to explore plus IP6

I would like to know how to create sub-networks with this tool

Palo, the Open Source solution for Planning and Budgeting


Now we have spoken on occasion of this interesting Open Source Tool of German origin, that allows us to CPM (Corporate Performance Management), planning and budgeting. In fact, we are partners of the same, because we love the opportunities available.

In the next post will give more details of it, but for now we leave you with a couple of videos we have made ​​and access to the online demo, but the best is to see Goicoechea Anibal entry in its highly recommended blog.

Palo Web (Jedox)
Palo Buddha r excel
Video on Palo ETL, model definition and data mining.
Video on Palo Dashboard with Web, User Management, Analysis and Planning .

Financial Management and BI. Part II. Finance and Business Intelligence Tools


In the first part of the study will soon publish in full from LiteBI , we had established the desirability of an alliance between Finance and IT, as necessary partners and drivers of business objectives. The following paragraphs discuss how Business Intelligence tools come into play.

One of the bottlenecks in an organization, usually seasonal, is the reporting system. The large amount of resources devoted to make, distribute and filter the reports, it is much more useful and efficient when it has a unique system that allows self-sufficient, which is much easier to access the required information. This issue is a source of inefficiency, with an accumulation of resources in low-value tasks, which ultimately negatively affects costs.As resources are finite, this implies that there are being devoted to other more valuable tasks.

Ora10g: Listener TNS-12518 Could not hand off client connection


When this error the listener of our Oracle database is rejecting connections and we can not connect in any way with the database. To see what is happening can check the listener log in / opt/oracle/product/10.2/db_1/network/log/listener.log to see us in the system. In the present case we find an entry like this:

"TNS-12518: TNS: listener not could hand off client connection"

In the event that I found this error can occur because the number of current processes of the database is very near the limit set in the settings (default 150). Immediately be solved by restarting the listener but it is advisable to check the value of PROCESSES parameter to increase it.The maximum value we assign to this parameter is trivial but if we change we recalculate the value of transacctions and sessions to take into account the sessions of the system this way:

process = x
transacctions = x * 1.1
sessions = (process * 1.1) +5

If this is not resolved we see or we can investigate further activate the trace listener to learn more about what happens ...


In this part we will see how to execute SQL Insert / Update and Delete dynamically and how to know the number of rows affected. Greetings Mariano
On Tuesday we had the promised post-holiday BI Beers and, as on previous occasions, in a relaxed atmosphere, left very interesting topics of conversation. On this occasion we could not overcome the previous record, but 10 people attended, which is not bad. Again many of those who attended the last, which means that like it. In the usual were Xavier y Mara, Enric, Pau, David, Juanjo, and Jorge...