Mistakes that companies should avoid in social networks


There is no denying that the expansion and use of social networking is unstoppable and that are not foreign companies. Increasingly, companies that position themselves in networks and open accounts with Twitter, Facebook. Linkedin or the large number of professional or sectoral networks that are created each day.

These networks offer companies great opportunities for contact with the market, interact with customers, analyze trends, to gather opinions. Be present in them is a powerful tool to be able to use.

Unattended Install Oracle Express Edition - Oracle XE installation silent mode


Due to the free version of Oracle this is usually common use for mass installations on multiple PC's, POS's ... This article briefly summarizes how to perform an unattended installation of Oracle XE.

This installation is as simple as running the Oracle XE installer with the following parameters:

> Oraclexe / s / f1 "fichero_respuesta.iss" / f2 "fichero_de_log"

The first file shows the basic parameters of the installation, and the second will be the result of the installation log.

The configurable parameters in the response file installation are:

** SzDir - Path software installation and data files

** TNSPort - DB Listener Port

** MTSPort - Puerto MTS

** HTTPPORT - Console HTTP Port

** SYSPassword - SYS User Password

** BOpt1 - 1 or 0: Running or not the end of the console through the browser

The result of the installation can be found in the log file.However, in case of problems this file is not very useful, for this you can see the generated file in the% systemroot% (Windows C: \ WINDOWS).

In addition to an unattended installation is also possible to make an unattended uninstall or repair.

Spanish Business Intelligence

There are three Spanish suppliers of business intelligence software. I am referring to Apesoft , Litebi , and Bingo Intelligence .

Interestingly, the products of these three BI vendors are very different. The Apesoft software is basically a report generator in Excel, with some additional features that facilitate the automation and distribution of these reports. The Litebi solution provides software as a service, ie, data and applications are on their servers, and clients access via a simple yet powerful web interface.And finally, the Bingo Intelligence platform that offers a smart client to access corporate information in a very visual.

Despite these obvious differences, they also have some characteristics in common.

Spectacular graphics that brings together major business figures Google


To get an idea of the volume of business that drives Google is nothing better than to have prepared infografia Pingdom , which collected in the same chart a timeline with key milestones of the company, impressive numbers on the form, changing the benefits figures on the employees of the company, and the most significant data on other successful products such as Android, YouTube, Blogger, Gmail, Chrome, Orkut or Analytics.

A good source of inspiration for someoneencouraged to create a scorecard where we could see how they evolve dynamically as well chosen indicators.

Surely more than one has clicked on a graphic indicator to see if something else comes out;)

Infographics on Google Business Data

Videotutorial "Mount Mondrian + MySQL + OpenI" Part (5 / 12) - 04-Config JDBC, Tomcat Users and Project OpenI


This video will undertake the following actions:

- Configure JDBC driver in tomcat and users for the portal will
- Start Tomcat application server and access the portal
- Create the initial project structure
- To learn more about how to handle projects OpenI portal


Mariano García Mattio

Presentation of the prototype. Adjustments to the model for customer analysis.


Presentación del prototipo. Ajustes en el módelo para análisis de clientes. After working a few days in, we have built our prototype reflecting on the whole structure of our logical model.
In addition, we generated a lot of such reports in order to present the "client" and they exploit the full potential of the chosen design.
Some of the reports are as follows.
Channel Salesand day of the week (in Web format, ie, accessing the portal via browser) ...

After working a few days in, we have built our prototype reflecting on the whole structure of our logical model.

In addition, we generated a lot of such reports in order to present the "client" and they exploit the full potential of the chosen design.

Some of the reports are as follows.

Shrinking Segments in Oracle 10g: Shrink Table


In Oracle 10g there is a new feature for the recovery of the space occupied by a table without having to recreate: TABLE SHRINK

It is customary in previous versions to version 10g the problem caused by the deletion of records from a table and the generation of "holes" at the level of the building blocks that table. As an example, is common in doubt after the mass deletion of many rows from a table (or all) and testing after removal of the records that the table occupies exactly the same (same HWM - High Water Mark).

This situation also occurs in OLTP systems where over time, and the insertion / deletion of records in certain tables, you are generating non-reusable space for new inserts for lack of space in incomplete blocks, and ultimately performance falls in the systems.

The traditional method to recover this space was to be regular export / import of the table in question or recreating it.This involved a series of practical problems such as invalidation of indexes, views, procedures ...

In Oracle 10g table comes shrink functionality, which not only allows the recovery of this space and optimal recovery of access to it, but lets do it in 2 distinct phases decreasing time of impact to users.

The eBook begins to take off


In March 2009 a study in which it is clear that the eBook and devices that are used as readers, were known to the public good, but very few actual users, I believe that 5% of respondents a sample of approximately 800 people.

And there was a clear contrast between the actual price, between 100 and 300 € according to consultants at a shopping center specializing in books and small technology, and a large store widely known, and 60, expected to pay 70 euros to those who wished to be an eReader.

But I read today in a press agency EFE, that the use of e-books has grown by 220% In 2010 compared to 2009.

A very high percentage that owes its growth to factors such as the lowering of the devices and the emergence of IPAD's interest in joining large chains for sale online, and especially the ability to access a number of titles that are not limited , as was at first, to the great classics, but will include news we could find in any bookstore.

We can make the comparison ourselves with a little exercise of observation, noting that while a couple of years ago it was difficult to find an eBook reader in a place where the habit of reading is notable, for example, public transport .Now if we can see, or at least that is my personal experience, a remarkable growth of users that are positioned for reading devices over the paper.

Pentaho Solutions: Reviews



I finally finished reading the book Pentaho Solutions, who kindly have sent me Roland Bouman (co-author of the book) and Wiley.

On that occasion will realize different reviews from different points of view, as I did with Pentaho Reporting. Here are the reviews:


1) Overview :  It is a very easy book to read and handled very well the theoretical and practical.

As the concepts are giving more complex and heavy, is always accompanied with an example, graphic or exercise.

This book is really very useful and indispensable reading both for those who are just beginning to work with Pentaho, and for that we have some time.




I take this blog entry to retrieve the answers to three questions I posed Edgar Cateriano to participate as an expert in one article on Knowledge Management in the journal that published CLADEA . The participation was very low end, and I think are worth sharing the thoughts that arose from these questions...      
Surfing the net I've found in PHP and other herbs an article about a PHP and Oracle Manual . He knew the LAMP acronym, but stands Laope. In summary, a simple manual created by the Oracle team for all those who are planning a possible migration from MySQL to Oracle in its content management system, especially the business character.
Hi, I have the pleasure to present to Hephaestus in book format:   They belong to a special limited edition of 20 books in total. Hephaestus in book form was carried out by: Esteban: charismatic man, whose humility is matched only by his sense of humor and practical wisdom.Stephen has extensive experience in book publishing as a member of the Editorial TIERRA DEL SUR (...