IBM Redbooks books

IBM Redbooks Recently IBM Redbooks IBM are publishing more and more interesting and complete books and guides in pdf format and available for download directly, without records or anything like that.

Enter here the last (and copy the index) I have been enjoying more and I've also been linking to the Timeline in my profile :

InfoSphere DataStage Parallel Practices Framework Standard

  • Chapter 1. Data integration with Information Server and DataStage
  • Chapter 2.Data integration overview
  • Chapter 3. Standards
  • Chapter 4. Job management parameter and environment variable
  • Chapter 5. Development guidelines
  • Chapter 6. Partitioning and Collecting
  • Chapter 7. Sorting
  • Chapter 8. File Stage usage
  • Chapter 9. Transformation languages
  • Chapter 10. Combining data
  • Chapter 11. Restructuring data
  • Chapter 12. Performance tuning job designs
  • Chapter 13. Stage Database guidelines
  • Chapter 14. Connector Stage guidelines
  • Chapter 15. Batch data flow design
  • Chapter 16. Realtime data flow design
  • Appendix A. Runtime Topologies for Distributed transaction jobs
  • Appendix B. Standard practices summary
  • Appendix C.DataStage naming reference
  • Appendix D. Example job template
  • Appendix E. Understanding the parallel job score
  • Appendix F. Estimating the size of a parallel dataset
  • Appendix G. Environment variable reference

SPSS predictive analytics: Optimizing Decisions at the Point of Impact

  • Executive overview
  • A Need for a new approach
  • Current Business Challenge
  • Industry examples
  • Components of a solution
  • IBM Software suite SPSS

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Handbook V10.1

  • Part 1. IBM Business Analytics
    • Chapter 1.Introduction to IBM Cognos Business Intelligence
    • Chapter 2. Overview of the IBM Cognos architecture BusinessIntelligence
    • Chapter 3. Business scenario and people Used in this book
  • Part 2. IBM Cognos metadata modeling
    • Chapter 4. Create reporting packages with IBM Cognos Framework Manager
  • Part 3. Business intelligence simplified
    • Chapter 5. Simplified business intelligence: An overview
    • Chapter 6. Individual and Collaborative User Experience
    • Chapter 7. Self service interface for business users
    • Chapter 8. Actionable analytics everywhere
  • Part 4. Enterprise ready platform
    • Chapter 9. Enterprise ready performance and scalability
    • Chapter 10.IBM Cognos administration system
  • Part 5. IBM Complete Business Analytics solution
    • Chapter 11. Integrating BI with IBM Cognos IBM Cognos Business Analytics solutions
  • Part 6. Appendixes

I hope you find them useful!