GFI Software detects a significant number of attacks on social networks, during the month of May


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The most used as bait for Facebook scams, fake videos have been the death of Bin Laden or promises of free airline tickets

GFI Software, a leading provider of software and email security for SMEs, presents the top ten malware threats that have been recorded in the computers during the month of May.
May 2011 was marked by a series of scams using fake polls on Facebook, to entice users with free plane tickets, as well as exclusive video about the death of Osama Bin Laden.During the same period, also users found numerous threats consisting of fake antivirus products on the Web, including a fraudulent Web page, intended to be a club for fans of Brad Pitt.
"The surveys are increasingly used to disguise a wide range of security threats lurking on Facebook and other social networks," said Christopher Boyd, senior threat researcher at GFI Software. "The cybercriminals have also improved their ability to 'hijack' the news of interest to carry out its attacks.And, news of great interest to exploit, hackers users easily caught by surprise. In fact, these should always be alert to the promises of free products or content to any type of sensational and never share personal and financial information online, unless you are dealing with a secure Web page, known and trusted (not is a post on Facebook or Twitter, claiming to represent a company or a recognized organization). "
The online scammers use many different lures to attract victims, so that they participate in their surveys false.Often, the offers of free items are enough to trick users hanging messages on his Facebook profile, redirecting your friends to the same survey. In the best cases, those involved in the survey receive a high volume of spam and, at worst, any information they share will be exploited by identity thieves, while their computer is infected with malicious types of malware.
In addition to the traditional scams, where items are offered free or appealing to the public's curiosity by offering exclusive content fake (such as video on the death of Bin Laden), GFI has also discovered a spam attack on the popular viral site Tumblr microblogging.Taking advantage of the facility that offers the functionality of Tumblr reblog, spammers have been deceiving users into a false message forwarded to your account was not disabled. Therefore, GFI advises users to investigate the original source of "official line" to prevent such attacks.
Threats dominated by Trojans
The top ten threats has been compiled through exploration carried out in thousands of VIPRE antivirus clients, which are part of the automatic tracking threats ThreatNet GFI tool. This time ThreatNet statistics have revealed that the vast majority of malware threats remain Trojans detected mostly in generic form.

Type Detection Percent

  1. Trojan.Win32.Generic! BT Trojan 22.51%
  2. Trojan.Win32.Generic.pak! Charges; Trojan 3.79%
  3. Trojan.Win32.Generic! SB.0 Trojan 3.73%
  4. Zugo LTD (v) Adware 2.75%
  5. Trojan Trojan-Spy.Win32.Zbot.gen 1.63%
  6. INF.Autorun (v); Trojan 1.38%
  7. Pinball Corporation (v) Adware 1.37%
  8. (v) Trojan 1.30%
  9. Malware.JS.Generic (JS) & nbsp; Exploit 1.23%
  10. Product FraudTool.Win32.FakeRean 1.13% false

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GFI Labs, formerly known as SunbeltLabs, specializes in the discovery and analysis of dangerous vulnerabilities (security holes, worms, malicious features or combination of operations) that could be exploited for attacks on the Internet and email.
The research team actively seeks to outbreaks of new types of malware, creating and testing new definitions of threats on a consistent basis.

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