Gonzalo Goñi, new Director of Industry Microsoft Ibérica

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Madrid, August 10, 2011 .- Gonzalo Goñi has been appointed Director of Industry Microsoft Ibérica. In his new role, Goni is the person responsible for the activities and relationships that the company has actively with the Spanish industrial fabric. The manager makes a valuable and extensive experience in the ICT sector, and a deep knowledge of the country's major companies and Microsoft, which has played a major part in the division that now passes to lead.

In this new journey, Goñi facing one of the main challenges in this area the management of the many activities and initiatives that the company develops the business in Spain.In this sense, Goni and his team will place special emphasis on getting to large organizations in the country the chances that Cloud Computing services and Microsoft, among many other solutions, we can offer face to be more competitive in their respective sectors and place them in a position of advantage.

The manager in this position joins the team of the subsidiary that form the Major Accounts Division and Partners at Microsoft Ibérica, led by Elena Mendoza.

Gonzalo Goñi access this new position after having developed a very good work over the past eight years in office manager Productivity Solutions in the Commercial Department of Large Clients Microsoft Ibérica.At this time, Goñi has been responsible for sales productivity solutions company with major clients in the industrial area.

Previously, Gonzalo was part of companies involved in telecommunications, and automotive technology, such as Accenture, AOL or Arvin Exhaust Spain, where he held various jobs, from senior consultant (Accenture) to area director of New Products and Web Development the unit of Time Warner.

The manager, 40, graduated in Industrial Engineering degree specializing in Industrial Organization at the University of Navarra and has a Master in Economics and Business Administration from IESE in the same school.

About Microsoft Ibérica

Microsoft Ibérica's Spanish subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation.Founded in 1975, Microsoft is the worldwide leader in software for personal and business computing.The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to help both the development of talented people and the business potential of increasing their efficiency, productivity and competitiveness. For more information, visit their web pages in Spanish http://www.microsoft.com/spain  


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