Data mining as a torture

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In the article Data Mining: torturing the data until they confess Luis Carlos Molina provides a very illuminating on data mining, including examples of interesting applications of it.

Article including the abstract and index, drawn from the same publication:

Summary: The title of this article is an informal explanation of the activity that makes a technology called data mining (data mining). The purpose of this technology is to discover hidden knowledge from large volumes of data. Over the past decade, due to large computational advances, has been incorporated to the organizations to become an essential support when making decisions. Organizations such as corporations, professional sports clubs, universities and governments, among others, make use of this technology as an aid in making their decisions. Some of these examples will be cited in this paper.


1. Introduction
2. Data mining: concepts and history
3. Applications
    3.1. In government
    3.2. In the
    3.3. In college
    3.4. In space research
    3.5. In sports clubs
4. Extensions of data mining
    4.1. Web mining
    4.2. Text mining
5. Conclusions

To obtain a more graphic content on this, please see the presentation Data mining: Torture the data until they confess, by the same author.



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