Pentaho Data Integration 4 Cookbook: Reviews


After a couple of weeks of reading and testing, I concluded the reading of Pentaho Data Integration 4 Cookbook , then the review:
1) Overview: This new book by Maria Carina Roldan is basically composed of many recipes that solve all kinds of problems that we can (and indeed are) found in real situations. The book groups the recipes by theme, very clever and gives examples have simple explanations, but of great caliber.
This book is an ideal time to implement solutions PDI, as the "how does / did this?" resolved immediately.
2) Detailed Review: the topics covered by this recipe are quite varied and cover a wide range of situations / problems.They are:
  • Databases (connection, retrieve data, insert, update, delete, etc).
  • Files (reading, writing, unstructured, different file types, etc).
  • XML Structure (handling, reading, XPath, DTD, XSD, XSL, etc).
  • File management (copy, move, delete, compare, zipear, etc).
  • Search for data (database, by proximity, web service, internet / intranet, etc).
  • FData luxuries (divisions, unions, comparison, filters, conditions, etc).
  • Transformations and Running Jobs (arguments, parameters, dynamic execution, subtransformaciones, etc).
  • PDI Integration with Pentaho Suite (PRD, xactions, CDA, CDF, etc).
  • Several (e-mails with attachments, log file, customization, JSON, etc).

This recipe is definitely not for beginners, but is aimed at those with experience in PDI.

3) final Review: Pentaho Data Integration 4 Cookbook is a book highly recommendable for those wishing more about PDI, but also for those working with IDPs daily.And I assure you that after reading this book again to find much more than a prescription!
Bon appetit!