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Oracle Flashback Query

We review briefly in this post flashback query functionality provided by the Oracle DB Manager since version 9i.

Basically it is a type of sql that accesses data that existed in the database at an earlier time, but at the time running the sql may not exist or have been altered. To do this, Oracle uses the data that are available during a time segment UNDO.

Oracle Data Integrator 11g


Oracle Data Integrator es la herramienta de integración de datos de Oracle. Es la apuesta de Oracle en cuestiones de integración de datos y sustituye a OWB (Oracle Warehouse Builder). Forma parte de la solución OFM (Oracle Fusion Middleware) y está totalmente integrada con otras soluciones Oracle relacionadas con la gestión de datos:

Statistical Data Warehouse - European Central Bank


I found it very interesting initiative of the European Central Bank, to provide a statistical service on-line in the so-called Statistical Data Warehouse (SDW).

Aspects to evaluate the selection of an ETL tool.


Addressing a business intelligence project is important to proper assessment of the ETL tool that we use. The tool based on which we will implement our procurement processes of the Datamart, Datawarehouse or storage structure based on which further exploit the data.

Oracle BI Publisher


We show a summary of capabilities of this tool integrated in the Oracle BI suite including the features included in version 11g.

There is also a standalone version of XML Publisher Enterprise Standalone Oracle suite.
Oracle BI Publisher to publish and distribute reports in the field of enterprise-wide operational reporting detail.

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