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SQLServer 2008: Query joining SSAS data with a table of any other database using openquery


SQL Server SSAS linked serverSometimes we may need to make a report that should contain data from our sales cube, for example, and supplement it with missing data that can only be found in the source relational schema or directly from another data source..

Improved integration and dissemination of videos DataprixTV


After the start of DataprixTV , portal Dataprix videos, we still make some improvements aimed at the integration between the two portals. The result of these improvements, we released this week a new block in the central part of contents of the home page Dataprix. Apart from the videos section , accessible from the main menu, we created a new block which will show a preview of the last three videos that have been published in DataprixTV .

In addition, guests or sponsors have a microsite Dataprix microsite will also feature in this same block, which will automatically show all the videos that are published in DataprixTV.

Bloque de videos de Bingo Intelligence

In this way we hope to expand the dissemination of the videos posted on our website videos, and that no one's lost.Each new video is displayed on the homepage of Dataprix and whether to publish the owner of a microsite, also in the corresponding microsite.

Dataprix web analytics


So far we have been conducting follow-up visits and web analytics with Google Analytics Dataprix mainly because of the ease of use while the vast functionality that covers this that Google offers free software for use via web.

Histórico de visitas de Dataprix según Google Analytics

For us, Google Analytics has many advantages, but also a major drawback, namely that the data is accessed through the web interface, but the data itself is the they are. Although you can analyze dand a thousand ways, and with access to the complete history from the date of implementation until the current day, we miss a database on which to implement some day a Web Analytics Datamart, for example.

For this reason, we decided to use parallel Piwik , an open source web analytics to work quite well, and that allows us to have our own database, which will give us more freedom to consider new approaches when in Dataprix web analytics.

Changes to user profiles and 'social features'


Lately we've made some changes Dataprix, this time aimed at simplifying some things, to improve the design and promote the sharing of content:

  • We have created a profile for companies. For now the only difference between regular user profile in the content creation options, we hope to further customize some things depending on the profile. The 'corporate users' may create specific content that companies share with us, basically everything that appears in the Business Bulletin Board: Events, Case Studies, Product Information, Resources, Press Releases and Jobs.
    This would simplify the options for registered users, who can create 'Blog Entries' and' Forum Topics. "Where you please post other types of content comentadlo with us, and we also have profiles of employees who can publish more content types.
    The company profile you assign us, so that to create a corporate user, or assign it to one already created a company profile you have to let us know by either Dataprix contact forms (contact form, email or messaging system between users)
  • We changed the aesthetics of the voting system.So far, showed 5-star rating to articles and blog entries from our users.
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