SSRS: # Error in a cell in decimal amount of reporting that Oracle pulls

Until now know exactly how or where details each type of error in the execution of a report from reporting services. I have dealt with arising from lack of permits, processed cubes incomplete but so far no # Error in a cell for no reason.

The error I get involved in running a small report that pulls a ODBC data source against an Oracle database showing totals (amounts, not percentages) and I was surprised about the lack of detail about the error occurs. For more difficulty, above is a combination of specific parameters (the n previous executions have worked) and not the entire column but in a cell.Also carries all subtotal or total which includes ...

After watching the RS server log, after checking the query in an external client with it, after thinking wrong format for me to check on the report designer data source I get a test with parameters and thoughtlessly well but to put the troubled assets that at least it appears the error:

Failed to read data from the set of query results. OCI-22053: overflow error.

Nothing, found this and I'm happier because the error is that odbc + oracle + not well liked 38-digit numbers ...For this we can do a workaround that involves using the function trunc (number, decimals) in the query so that we truncate the decimal value in turn where we choose.