Statistical Data Warehouse - European Central Bank

I found it very interesting initiative of the European Central Bank, to provide a statistical service on-line in the so-called Statistical Data Warehouse (SDW).

The Data Warehouse is aimed at a broad spectrum of users (financial analysts, journalists, businesses, economists, researchers, etc. ..). Provides on-line macroeconomic data in the euro zone, inflation, exchange rates, labor costs, unemployment, productivity, public deficit, public debt, balance of payments, international investment position, sociodemographic data, tax information, etc. ..

Access, presentation and navigation are very intuitive, allowing data downloads in multiple formats. Given the volume of information has a powerful search engine.Provides multiple predefined reports, indicators, ratios, rates of change, facilitates comparisons, advanced filters, time series study, deep historical and excellent response times. Also, there are different levels of aggregation and ranking system that facilitates navigation to detail. The update is in real-time statistics tables from publications of the ECB.

An excellent online tool for obtaining euro area statistics: