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EasyAsk, software of BI with searcher of intelligent 'reports'


EasyAsk, of Progress Software, is a tool of BI with the peculiaridad that for the application of reports, analysis or even pictures of control provides to the user an interface where formulates a question or a request of the information that precise, in lenguaje natural, and the tool translates it to SQL, MDX or what do fault to give back a report of what the user requests. It is as a searcher, but applied to our systems of information.
The new is in that seems that no only limit to locate reports, as already do the systems of research of other tools of BI, but that besides interprets the entered by the user in lenguaje natural like parameters to show him fair the information that has requested.
With this functionality remains well justified his classification like tool of Business Intelligence.

Easyask BI, de Progress Software

Case of study: Business Intelligence applied to the bank


In these slides the case of study of a bank appears that considers the necessity of a greater knowledge of its clients to be able to define its strategies of business suitably. Thanks to the use of tools of Business Intelligence, in particular of Data Warehouse and Data Mining, and to the definition of clear objectives of business, this bank could analyze the behavior of its clients, segment them, make decisions estraté gicas based on this behavior, to make predictions and to analyze the results of the application of these decisions, being valued therefore the return of the investment. The presentation is structured in the following sections: - The economy of the business and the management of clients - Modelamiento of value - Modelamiento of potential - Segmentation - Modelamiento of desertion - précticas Applications - Results

The best Business Intelligence platform


Before starting a Business Intelligence project, or if we have doubts about the tools we are using, we can take a look at Magic Quadrant For Business Intelligence Platforms from Gartner.

In this quadrant Gartner positions the best-known platforms in the market in terms of Ability to execute and Completeness of vision

These are the four resulting portions and providers that fall within each:

+ Ability to execute + Completeness of vision (Leaders)

Business Objects, Cognos, Hyperion, Oracle y SAS

+ Ability to execute - Completeness of vision (Challengers)

SAP, Microsoft e Information Builders

- Ability to execute + Completeness of vision (Visionaires)

OpenOffice integrates Pentaho Reporting Engine


SUN Microsystems and Pentaho have signed an alliance in order to integrate the Pentaho reporting engine in next OpenOffice and StarOffice release. This will allow the famous office suite to offer new BI and OLAP features. It is sure that this alliance is going to be very fruitful. Pentaho is going to come to a people not so especialized in Business Intelligence, and SUN makes his suite more competitive opposite to propietary license tools.

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