Data Integration

Oracle Data Integrator 11g


Oracle Data Integrator es la herramienta de integración de datos de Oracle. Es la apuesta de Oracle en cuestiones de integración de datos y sustituye a OWB (Oracle Warehouse Builder). Forma parte de la solución OFM (Oracle Fusion Middleware) y está totalmente integrada con otras soluciones Oracle relacionadas con la gestión de datos:

Introduction to Open Data, Linked Data, data and resource catalogs


Open Data is a movement that is meant to make easily accessible to citizens and businesses that collect public data the government.

Open Data is supported by the W3C and other international bodies, and gradually adds up initiatives in different countries. The first step is the initiative of a public body, was made publicly available certain information in one or more standard formats easily 'treatable'. Since there may be other agencies or businesses that add value to that data across or enriching them with other data sources, or developing applications that allow usuario see that data in a friendly environment.

Thus, there is an open international data catalog that every day can add up public data provided by agencies around the world.

This video CTIC perfectly explains what the project:

SQL Server Data IS profiles stored in tables


The task of SQL Server Data Profile Information Services stores the results of profiling in an XML document that can be examined with the Data Profile Viewer. In the article SQL Server 2008 Dataprofiling to explain how to use this new Task in SSIS. Although this method is very simple

Informatica 9, a complete data integration platform


In the market for data integration one of the leading manufacturers is Informatica. This company is the leading independent provider of data integration software.

Available now: Talend MDM Version 4.1


This month we released version 4.1 of Talend MDM. The Community Edition is available for download now. In this release we have greatly simplified the data modeling and connectivity to load and manage a data hub. These advances will help you get started quickly. A full list of new features can be found on our website. We understand that not every tool is completely intuitive, so we also offer you a forum for any questions you might have...


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