Informatica World 2008 in Las Vegas


Finally I could attend the Informatica World 2008, now I'll try to explain what I found there. The conference was held under the slogan 'Gain the Edge'  from june 3 to 5.

First day began (after breakfast) with a general session entitled Vision. Strategy. Technology Announcements. Industry leadership. At the session both Sohaib Abbasi, President and CEO of Informática, as Chris Boorman, Ivan Chon and Girish Pancha, Vice-presidents in the Marketing, Data quality and Data integration areas respectively, showed their vision of current market, how technology and business are evolving and what role play in this context data and data-related aplicacions.

Much of what was familiar to me, because I had seen before at the Powerday 2008 Barcelona. This is an indicator that the company maintains a well-defined strategy, and shares with its partners.

Each speaker under the perspective of his area made particular emphasis on data value and the importance for each organization of the ability to maintain consistency and quality, ensure on time data availability, protection, sinchronization, and eficient data management and exchange with other organizations.

We noted that now having a Data Warehouse System that delivers new information every certain hour interval is insuficient. Internet and technological development, the globalization and our competitors are the reason. We heard repeatedly terms like SaaS, Real Time and Data Quality, clues about the new features of Powercenter and other tools of the company.

They also made an interesting demo about how an application like can be synchronized in real time through the internet with a Google Docs spreadsheet. This cloud to to cloud computing example was made showing on left screen and Google spreadsheet on right screen, each controlled by a laptop. The made a change in data, and we saw how Google spreadsheet was automatically updated. Then they made a change in the spreadsheet and we saw how data was also updated. Finally, they repeat the last part, but using an iPod Touch instead of the laptop. We must consider the opportunities that new mobile devices bring when we connect it to Internet.

Data Quality and Integration at PowerDay 2008


This April the Powerday's seventh edition was held. This is an annual event organised by PowerData and it's objective is to give attendees a comprehensive view of the appropiate strategy to make the most of his data. I had the opportunity to attend at the one celebrated in Barcelona.

They showed half-hour presentations, which talked about the importance of Data Quality and Integration processes, and about the current market and technological situation. Obviously they talked also about how Informática tools like PowerCenter can help to make things easier.

These are the presentation titles:

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