The Underground PHP Oracle Manual

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The Underground PHP and Oracle ManualThis PDF book is for PHP developers that want to implement aplications over an Oracle database. It bridges the gap between the many PHP and Oracle books available and shows how to use the PHP scripting language with Oracle Database. It explains how to install the environment, how to use it and how to obtain the best performance building web aplications with PHP and Oracle databases...

STPivot, Jpivot enhaced


We are presenting STPivot an small improvement, open source, to old jpivot. You can now download it and work with it.

We hope to add new features in next weeks. We also like if you could test, use it, make suggestions and collaborate making new developments and improvements.

You can write us through email and write in the Discussion group about STPivot.

We like, from Stratebi, all the Pentaho community could use it and improve it.


Some enchancements are:

  • Ajax interface
  • Use of jQuery to handle user interactions
  • Highlighted MDX syntax in the editor
  • Easier edition of charts (resizing with mouse, icons for options)
  • New set of icons

STPivot, mejoras sobre Jpivot realizadas por Stratebi

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