HP Oracle for reporting the case Itanium


In mid March this year, Oracle announced that it stopped developing products for Itanium processor platforms. Indicated that other manufacturers were already doing (Red Hat and Microsoft), and called for talks with Intel to make its decision.

 Oracle Software Development All Stops For Intel Itanium Microprocessor 

Since that time, HP will continue to try to Oracle supports its products with Itanium, gradually raising the charges to Oracle until the last day-June 15 HP sued Oracle.

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Although we will never know the whole truth, there are different versions in the sector, perhaps the most talked about is suggesting that the discontinuation is that Oracle wants to disadvantage HP servers (Integrity range HP-UX = + Itanium processor) in order to compete with its increasingly sold SUN platform (now the third position on UNIX platforms).That is, encourage your Unix, removing or leaving the market at a distinct disadvantage to its competitor HP HP-UX.

AWR Formatter


Anyone who usually look at AWR performance reports to analyze Oracle performance problems, often have their own reading process and approach to all data that shows this report, but I always missed a tool that will facilitate reading all data. I've found! "AWR Formatter" developed by the DBA Tyler Muth facilitates this reading. Fantastic, you must try.

AWR Formatter is an extension of Chrome (file with. Crx) free once installed in the browser, each time you view an AWR report in HTML, gives you the option to format to help you see all your information. Once formatted text, HTML is browser in different tabs.Highlight the following features that gives you added the format:

  • Possibility of performing conversions dynamically KB / MB / GB / TB in the various indicators
  • Possibility of searching the meaning of a pending event, parameter, etc ... (this is really useful)
  • Formatted tables sortable, much like an Excel ...
  • Ability to view the text of the SQL command's ...

AWR Formatter



Oracle to Flat File

I tried to spool from Oracle to a flat file on my local drive.  However I do not see the file being spooled on the local drive, instead I see the output under my unix folder.




The Underground PHP Oracle Manual

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The Underground PHP and Oracle ManualThis PDF book is for PHP developers that want to implement aplications over an Oracle database. It bridges the gap between the many PHP and Oracle books available and shows how to use the PHP scripting language with Oracle Database. It explains how to install the environment, how to use it and how to obtain the best performance building web aplications with PHP and Oracle databases...

Results of the last Forrester Wave about Enterprise Business Intelligence Platforms


In his blog Boris Evelson explains the more relevant results of the las Forrester Wave about Enterprise Business Intelligence Platforms.

These are the last movements, extracted from it:

  1. IBM Cognos, SAP BusinessObjects, Oracle, and SAS continue to lead the pack.
  2. Information Builders, Microsoft, and MicroStrategy move into the Leaders category.
  3. TIBCO Spotfire and Actuate maintain their Strong Performer status.
  4. QlikTech and Panorama Software move into the Strong Performer category.


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