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Update table statistics dynamically across an entire SQL Server database


In Oracle there is a table where all tables in the database (dba_tables) are listed and we can use it to perform maintenance operations dynamically. In Sql Server we can do the same by consulting the table [database].dbo.Sysobjects.

In the example below (as in others I've posted) I update the statistics of all tables in a Sql Server database dynamically by querying the data dictionary. This could be encapsulated in a stored procedure or directly executed in a job of the Agent of Sql Server to keep updated the statistics of all the tables of a database automatically..

SSIS: Workaround to two errors for no apparent reason when we insert data in MySql


SSIS: Workaround to two errors for no apparent reason when we insert data in MySqlFor whatever reason we may have to develop a Microsoft Integration Services package we move data from any source to a table that is in a MySQL database.

The first aim will do so through an ADO.NET Destination and MySQL provider for the connection. If we do well to insert the data directly, to create the target, select the connection and then select the table appears an error like the following check everything with the preview or try and do the assignments...




SQL08: affinity_mask, IO_affinity_mask and like riding two on a single server environments without being "walked"


We put ourselves in position
In our environment we may need to have two replicas of a / s data base distinct environments (the classic example would be production and test). In deciding as we do the most common questions we must ask ourselves are:

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