Data Mining Tools

In electronic publishing MCData.ti can find a fairly complete classification of different tools related to business intelligence and data management.
This is the description that is made of the data mining tools

Company: Computer Associates
Product: CleverPath Predictive Analysis Server
Description: A solution can critically analyze and extract knowledge from data, finding the significant factors, causes and changes that influence business success. Subsequently, the intelligence used to apply real-time e-business applications to adapt and offer personalized services to clients, suppliers, partners and employees.

Company: MicroStrategy
Product: MicroStrategy Desktop
Description: Software that offers enterprise query and reporting, and workflow analysis to support decision making.Also includes extensive online analysis capabilities of corporate data.

Company: MIS
Product: Delta Miner MIS
Description: A tool designed to make high-level analysis, detection of deviations and interactive analysis of multiple sources, both transactional (SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, etc.) and multidimensional (Hyperion Essbase, SAP BW, MS Analysis Services and Oracle Express).

Company: Oracle
Product: Oracle 9i Data Mining
Description: Function Orac9i Enterprise Edition you can design applications that BI would later perform the functions of "mining" in the corporate databases to discover new information and integrating business applications.

Company: SAS
Product: SAS Enterprise Miner
Description: Solution mining allows employers to incorporate smart marketing processes, both operational and strategic.

Product: SAS Text Miner
Description: Solution that allows the extraction of common knowledge patterns from a variety of text documents, including reports of sales calls, medical records and client communications via email.

Company: SPSS
Product: Clementine
Description: Integrated data mining can find patterns in the information to facilitate decision-making users.It works on all hardware platforms and operating systems, including Unix, VMS and Windows NT.

Company: Teradata
Product: Teradata Warehouse Miner
Description: A solution facilitates the construction of analytical models directly on the database, eliminating the need to take samples to outside systems. It also allows data analysis without changing the site and is capable of displaying the information to represent linear or logistic regressions.