a project of Data Cleansing services

It does already enough time I presented me the possibility to start a project to offer cleaning services of data online. If we speak in terms of what plows he is heard more, we would be able to interpret it as a new meaning of the acronyms DAAS: Datacleansing Ace TO Service.

At that time I chose the name of, among others things because the control was free. I registered it to my name and I did an approximation to a plan of business. Until I began to prepare a web where wanted to create a first simple version of the idea. This prototype remained in practically a simple structure, but I think that can serve to illustrate the intention that had.

As in the end me did not I decide to give the great step and to develop the project, and is a grief that the effort that dedicated to do the approach remain in a document of my portable one, I have determined to share the plan of business, enclosed in this post. I swallowed I have placed online the prototype web that began. Notice that is just as I left it, functions almost nothing.



I have activated it in As you will be able to verify, my intention was to begin with services of purification by name, Directions, Telephones, NIFs and charge Accounts. Of these options, the unique one with the one that something can be done (and is well little) is that of telephones. Obviously the intention was to develop a lot more sophisticated services, utilizing databases, and returning data purified, enriched and normalized. Also it wanted to offer services of matching and deduplicación, first among types of simple data as them commented, and after registrations or unions of complete registrations, with components or fields of different types.

Good, I expect that this post serve at least to encourage the data Quality theme of Dataprix, that I recognize that ultimately I have a little forgot, and I expect to see in the fear DAAS: Datacleansing Ace TO Service that I have created in the critical your forum and comments on the viability of the project, on the Datacleansing Ace TO Service in general, on other possible foci, or on any aspect related to the subject matter or the document of the plan of business.



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