EasyAsk software, BI reporting form 'smart'

EasyAsk , Progress Software is a BI tool with the peculiarity that the request for reporting, analysis, dashboards and even gives the user an interface where you ask a question or a request for information that is accurate, language natural, and the tool translates it to SQL, MDX or whatever it takes to return a report of what the user requests. It's like a search engine, but applied to our information systems.
The novelty is that it seems that not only confined to locate reports, as do other search systems BI tools, but also interpret what the user entered in natural language as parameters to show just the information you requested .

This functionality is well justified its classification as a tool for Business Intelligence.

BI EasyAsk, Progress Software

In this demo EasyAsk can see how it works.Just have to see how to prepare the information, reports, parameters and metadata for the search guesses with requests made by the user.
If anyone has ever tried, we discuss how this behaves, and if he meets with real datarequests as well as in the demo.