EasyAsk, software of BI with searcher of intelligent 'reports'

EasyAsk, of Progress Software, is a tool of BI with the peculiaridad that for the application of reports, analysis or even pictures of control provides to the user an interface where formulates a question or a request of the information that precise, in lenguaje natural, and the tool translates it to SQL, MDX or what do fault to give back a report of what the user requests. It is as a searcher, but applied to our systems of information.
The new is in that seems that no only limit to locate reports, as already do the systems of research of other tools of BI, but that besides interprets the entered by the user in lenguaje natural like parameters to show him fair the information that has requested.

With this functionality remains well justified his classification like tool of Business Intelligence.

Easyask BI, de Progress Software

In this demo of EasyAsk can check how works. Only is missing to see how there is that prepare the information, the reports, the parameters and the metadatos so that the searcher hit with the requests that does the user.
If somebody has had opportunity to test it, that comment us what such comport , and if with real data resolves the requests so well as in the demo.