ETL Tools

In electronic publishing MCData.ti can be found a fairly complete classification of different tools related to business intelligence and data management. This is the description that makes tools for ETL (Extraction, Transformation and Load).

Company: Cognos Product DecisionStream

Description: tools for SAP and Siebel that can rapidly deploy a set of related data marts to form an integrated BI. Ensures that all users have access to data in an efficient way to coordinate the analysis, reporting and decision making.

Company: Computer Associates Product: Advantage Data Transformer - Enterprise Metadata Edition

Description: A tool for processing and moving data datamarts can create and store data in an easy, or complex transformations robust metadata management.

Products: Advantage Data Transformer

Description: A tool for transformation, replication and integration of data that has an application development environment flexible and easy to use. Its rich programming language can easily define data movement tasks simple or complex, collecting data from various sources, clean data, synthesize new information and synchronize several databases in mixed platforms. Product: Advantage InfoRefiner

Description: A tool for data migration. Allows you to replicate data sources in other data structures to disseminate changes in the original data in other data, and to audit changes made to the original data against time. Product: Advantage InfoTransport

Description: A tool for moving high-speed data and distributes data from the mainframe to load client / server environments heterogeneous.

Company: Information Builders Product: WebFocus ETL Manager

Description: A tool that simplifies the presentation of data to provide detailed information in real time via the intranet. In this way, users can create and view reports or move data to desktop applications like Excel.

Company: MIS Products: Import MIS Master

Description: A tool for extracting, transforming and loading data from any source of transactional information. It also gives direct access to tables of functional ERP systems so widespread as SAP R / 3 or Navision. Company:

Oracle Products: Oracle 9i Warehouse Builder

Description: This tool belongs to Oracle 9i Development Suite allows users to design and implement corporate data warehouses, data marts and intelligent e-business applications. Environments offers integration with CRM, ERP and SEM. Company:

Iberian PowerData Product: Computer PowerCenter

Description: data integration platform that combines the functions of transport, cleaning and migration information. Although a very high percentage of use is due to the design of data warehouses and web houses, their use has spread to other areas. For example, common is the integration of CRM, websites and e-business platforms with operating systems.

Company: SAS Product: SAS Warehouse Administrator

Description: Solution extraction, transformation, loading and cleaning of data that facilitates the visual definition of corporate processes and documentation.

Company: Teradata Product: Teradata Warehouse Builder

Description: loading and unloading tool that allows the user to generate a job or script to access heterogeneous data, verify the integrity of them or merge with others. Incorporates control points for the relaunch of the process in case of system crash