Guia For the management of the knowledge

Inside the publications that elaborates the 'Center d'Innovació I Desenvolupament Business' of the Generalitat of Catalonia (CIDEM), can access to a series of guias for the management of the Innovation. One of them is the 'Guia of Gestió of the Coneixement', two documents in format PDF that illustrate perfectly in what consists the management of the knowledge in the companies and how can acometer a project that allow to implant this philosophy.
Along the document develop besides a fictitious history that does the reading much more amena and that allows to approximate the concepts explained to the real world, showing many of the usual problems that can find us in the companies, and how can arrive to resolve and obtain besides a series of competitive advantages if it does an effort to develop a culture of management of the knowledge.

In the document Guia of Gestió of the coneixement: Conceptes explain what is the management of the knowledge (and what is not) and desglosa in two main apartados:

Components of the Management of the knowledge

1. Organizational culture and strategic vision
2. People
3. Processes
4. Technology

Activities of the Management of the knowledge

1. Purchase/Create
2. Organize
3. Share
4. Transfer/Use
At the end of the document provide link very recomendables to deepen more on the subject.

The second document Guia of Gestió of the coneixement: posant fil to l'agulla contains the practical part and presents firstly a methodology based in the realization of several steps.

Systematic of work

1. Autodiagnóstico
2. Decision of strategy and definition of the model to follow
3. Application and tools
4. Measure (indicadores)

The last apartado versa on costs, profits and on the return of the investment that has to produce an implantation like this in the company.
Also present cases of success of companies that have developed politics of management of the knowledge for the achievement of his strategic aims.