BI book: Business Intelligence, Compete with Information

Josep Lluis Cano is the author of the book Business Intelligence: compete with Information. This excellent work explains in what consists the Business Intelligence and can be a big guide for abordar projects of BI. It is orientado sobretodo for directors of pymes that want to go in in the world BI, and do his more competitive company, by what the lenguaje is clear and the very practical content.

The first chapters explain all the necessary to know what is the BI, what can aportar to the company, which are his technical bases, and how can organize a project of Business Intelligence:

Chapter 1. Introduction to the Business Intelligence
Chapter 2. Modelización Of the Business
Chapter 3. Model of data
Chapter 4. Components of Business Intelligence
Chapter 5. Projects of Business Intelligence

The two last chapters are especially practical, and contain references to different tools and providers of BI and cases of success of implementations of projects of this type:

Chapter 6. Selection of tools and providers
Chapter 7. Experiences of implementation of Business Intelligence

The last chapter throws a look to the current market of BI, and comment to where direct :

Chapter 8. Uses of Business Intelligence and new trends

At the end include also an annex on the Model Relacional of bases of data and the lenguaje SQL and a complete bibliographic reference and webgráfica.

The electronic book in format pdf can discharge of Business Intelligence: compete with Information, and has been obtained of ScriptBD, where specify that it is under a licence of attribution no commercial