The management of contents in the University

In this publication Lluís Pastor, director of Management of Contents of the Universitat Oberta of Catalonia explains the methodology used for the management of contents of all the group UOC that optimizes, doing use of the last technologies, the organization and maintenance of the enormous and cambiante repositorio of material docente of quality that gestiona this university.
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To an integral management of the contents


This article describes the process of work in the constitution of the repositorio of contents docentes of the Group UOC and the processes of integral management that this project integrates. The building of the repositorio has based in the development of the minimum units or learning objects. The concept of learning object that has had in account is of a unit of content that is fruit of the aggregation of other lower units. Front to the conception of the learning objects like the minimum units possible has opted by the conception of the learning objects like minimum units gestionables. In front of the repositorio of units homogéneas has opted by one of heterogeneous units, that even can incorporate other sources of contents generated by agents of external contents to the university. For the recovery of these units by part of the professors and the gestores, each one of these has cataloged following the standards of labeling of metadatos provided by the Consortium of Global Learning IMS.

PASTOR, Lluís (2006). «To an integral management of the contents». Magazine of University and Society of the knowledge
(RUSC) [Article in line]. Vol. 3, n.° 2. UOC.
To an integral management of the contents