Oracle on Linux

Traditionally the Oracle database of a certain size have been installed on OS UNIX servers and also on windows server systems.

With the recognition of Linux as an operating system reliable enough for use in large servers, large corporations are beginning to consider using this system for flexibility, and access to source code it provides, and the absence of licensing costs.

Thus, an option that more and win more fans is the installation of Oracle DB on Linux.

In the case study described by Oracle on the link below shows an interesting example of the Gas Natural Group, which decided to migrate the Oracle database that housed the Enterprise Data Warehouse from powerful machines in SilverUNIX is a more modest cluster server on a Linux platform.

Specifically, the database was migrated to Oracle 9i with Real Application Cluster on RedHat Linux.

This solution achieved a reduction of costs, while improving both performance and system scalability.

Success Stories - Natural Gas