Oracle SQL Developer

Oracle SQL Developer is a free graphic tool that Oracle provides for developing, or simply to execute SQL queries or scripts, DML or DDL, on Oracle databases.

The appearance and funcionality is similar to that offered by commercial tools like TOAD or PL/SQL Developer, but it's not the same. Oracle SQL Developer is more simple, but we have to bear in mind that it is a free tool.

A useful feature incorporated in last releases is the possibility of connecting with another databases like SQLServer, MySQL or Access. It is easy to configurate it to connect with MySQL and SQLServer using a JDBC driver. Once the connection is established, you can explore objects of this databases the same as if it was an Oracle database.

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I personally use Oracle SQL

I personally use Oracle SQL developer since it offers the kind of features and specific functions unlike other graphic tools. Furthermore, Oracle SQL Developers are free and simple to implement whether it be queries or scripts or DDL or DDM. Another notable feature which I think could very well aid many SQL developers is the fact that it helps in connecting with different databases such as MySQL, SQL Server and so on which I must say makes whole lot of tasks easy! business continuity planning software