Pentaho 2.0 in a Linux Virtual Server

We have prepared a new virtual server with a preconfigured installation of Pentaho 2.0, the well-known open source platform for Business Intelligence (Pentaho BI). 
You can freely download a virtual machine ready with the virtualization software VM ware server 2.0:

Descargar Imagen Virtual de PentahoDownloading Pentaho 2.0 for VMware
(Patience with the download, the files are very large)


The Pentaho Installation

This is an installation of Pentaho BI Platform, with Pentaho BI Server Community Edition preconfigured with version 2.0 (stable) from the suite, and with a database Hypersonic (HSQLDB), with sample data to run reports and 'applications' you have at the portal available when the server starts.

You can use this facility to test the platform on your own machine/server exploring the options of the portal, or even as a base to build you own BI system with Pentaho.

You just have to create a new virtual machine with virtualization software and make it boot from the downloaded files. 
Login into CentOS with user dataprix, password dataprix.

On boot the machine raise the BI server automatically, so you only have to open Firefox, which have Pentaho local portal as home page. Portal users already have the password entered, so with only two clicks we can start exploring reports.


Pentaho BI suite 2.0 funcionando con CentOS sobre VirtualBox

However, we indicate how to stop and start the server in case anyone wants to do it manually:


To start:


  1. Open a Terminal Application (Applications --> Accesories --> Terminal)
  2. In the terminal window run the following commands: 
    $ cd biserver-ce (Pentaho server directory) 
    $ ./ (shell to boot the platform)
  3. Wait for the terminal message Pentaho BI server ready
  4. Open Firefox browser (icon next to menu system) 
    To access the portal type this URL: http://localhost:8080/pentaho

To stop Pentaho server, opening another terminal:

  1. $ cd biserver-ce
  2. $ ./

Pentaho Administration Console

Now, the booting process also starts the Pentaho Admin Console. To use this web console you only have to write http://localhost:8099 in the browser and use the default Pentaho credentials to login: admin/password.

Pentaho Web Administration Console

We detail also steps to start and stop manually this console:

To start:

  1. In the terminal window run the following commands: 
    $ cd biserver-ce/administration-console (Console directory) 
    $ ./ (shell to boot web console)
  2. Wait for the terminal message INFO: Console is now started
  3. Open Firefox browser (icon next to menu system) 
    To access the admin console type this URL: http://localhost:8099 and login with admin/password

To stop the Pentaho Administration Console, opening another terminal:

  1. $ cd biserver-ce/administration-console
  2. $ ./


Additional Information

For more information about used virtualization tool (VMWare), or about Operating System CentOS view the article Virtual Server with Pentaho configured.

As we mentioned in the other post, if someone use this image to do something interesting, please explain it, or contact us if you want to share your version with the community, we will host it. Any comments, questions and suggestions are welcome in our forum on the topic Virtual Image with Pentaho.