QlikView, simplifying the analysis for all

At last a powerful tool and of easy utilization for the construction of control panels and the navigation of the data.

QlikView provides an analysis business express train, powerful, highly interactive and resident in memory, without the limitations, the price or the complexity of the BI traditional tools. QlikView unfolds in days and the users are formed in minutes.

This says the presentation in the web page of the I produce, we enter now but in detail speaking of its characteristics.

Qlikview is a tool with the one that itself of easy form to approach the data gives a DB relational and to sail them of natural form.

Qlikview can be connected with the but different origins of data: from DB Access to connections ODBC toward qualquier origin, from file Excel to card indexes of text.

The load of the data passes through a script of load that utilizza a lenguage very seemed to the SQL, portanto of facil comprehension. Once the data you have been loaded they are able, or not, to store in a card index of format Qlikview (card index QVD). Or to be utilized directly in the same control panel.

The control panel can be built different objectos: boards pivot, boards plains, graficos to cake, to bars, text, menu per to put filters, etc… all in modality Windows and without need to write codigo.
If we want to personalize the control panel or quizas to have buttons with codigo associated is possible to develop subroutines and to connect these to events.
All the objects can be positions in report, printed one to one, exported to excel or transformed into boards or graphic.
The system utilizes all the available RAM, to 2 Gb for the version to 32 Bit, with the consequence that other applications that need a lot of RAM, executed to the same one, tempo they go but slow, but with the ventata to have sempre to disposicion, of form rapida, all the data that want to sail in Qlikview.

QlikView offers a new perspective for the applications based on databases. Of different form with respect to the traditional tools of databases. QlikView presents the user different possibilities of development grafico solving the but different needs.

In the work with boards, forms or query complex, the user works with a simple interface based on point-and-clik. In this way QlikView aiuda to understand and to interpret the data.