Introducing IBM Cognos BI, Business Intelligence suite of IBM


IBM Cognos 8 BI is a suite of business intelligence used more widely. This software is fairly comprehensive, but manageable, and a leader of the BI market.
The main applications are used by a web portal that controls the Business Intelligence Server, which is the heart of the instrument.
This portal is called Cognos Connection and the same, provided by the web, you can access the environmental management options for different applications and services that provides Cognos, the folder structure that organizes the reports, dashboards and other accessories that can be integrated in the portal.
Each application is designed to cover a type of needs that often occur in such environments.Most deals 100% web browser, is to develop and design reports, events and metrics for review or analysis tasks.

SQL Server Data IS profiles stored in tables


The task of SQL Server Data Profile Information Services stores the results of profiling in an XML document that can be examined with the Data Profile Viewer. In the article SQL Server 2008 Dataprofiling to explain how to use this new Task in SSIS. Although this method is very simple

Informatica 9, a complete data integration platform


In the market for data integration one of the leading manufacturers is Informatica. This company is the leading independent provider of data integration software.

Consultation Oracle user passwords


For obvious security reasons can not see clear the user password of the database, but a manager as SYSTEM user does have privileges to view the encrypted password:

SQL> select password from dba_users where username = 'SCOTT';

The usefulness of this is that just as we returned the SELECT can be used in a sentence of changing the password;

SQL> alter user scott IDENTIFIED BY VALUES 'F894844C34402B67';

With this we have not done anything since we have assigned to SCOTT the same password that I had (TIGER), but if we change the password:

SQL> alter user scott IDENTIFIED BY newpwd;
SQL> connect scott / newpwd

And now we wish to put the initial password:

SQL> connect system / dbapwd
SQL> alter user scott IDENTIFIED BY VALUES 'F894844C34402B67';
User altered.

SQL> connect scott / tiger