Tools EIS, DSS and BSC

In electronic publishing MCData.ti can be found a fairly complete classification of different tools related to business intelligence and data management. 
This is the description that makes the tools of EIS (Enterprise Information System), DSS (Decision Support System) and BSC (Balance Scorecard System).

Company: Business Objetcs 
Product: Customer Intelligence 
Description: Solution geared to the needs of sales and marketing that helps to monitor and interpret the behavior of customers, and to define actions that optimize the productivity of its sales force, the profitability of its customers and the effectiveness of their actions marketing.

Product: Supply Chain Intelligence 
Description: A tool that provides a comprehensive view of the supply chain of a company, including ordering, provisioning, delivery and returns.

Product: Foundation Application 
Description: Infrastructure that enables the development of analytical applications through a graphical interface.Incorporates more than 70 models that include predefined reports and statistical functions.

Company: Computer Associates 
Product: CleverPath Forest & Trees 
Description: visually rich development environment that allows easily create panels, has extensive data access and generating systems and DDS EIS.

Product: CleverPath OLAP 
Description: Provides an analysis for large volumes of multidimensional data. Its architecture supports multiple stores several terabytes of data with high scalability and performance. It integrates with CleverPath Portal.

Company: Hyperion 
Product: Hyperion Performance Scorecard 
Description: Application of analysis of web-based business that allows shorter distances between the strategy defined by the company and implementing the actions necessary to carry it out.

Company: Information Builders 
Product: WebFocus Balanced Scorecard 
Description: Solution designed to meet the needs of the Balanced Scorecard Analysis, a key methodology in the implementation of business strategy across four areas: financial, customer, internal processes and human capital.

Company: MicroStrategy 
Product: MicroStrategy Desktop 
Description: Software that features corporate consultation and reporting, and workflow analysis to support decision making. It also includes extensive analysis capabilities to corporate data online.

Product: MicroStrategy Web 
Description: analytical solution that offers users an interactive environment and an interface for reporting and analysis.Using this intuitive HTML-based tool, users can access and share data through a web browser on any operating system.

Company: MIS 
Product: MIS onVision 
Description: Solution-specific front-end compatible with various sources of transactional data (Oracle, SQL Server, MS Access and DB2) and multidimensional (SAP BW, Hyperion Essbase, MS Analysis Services and Oracle Express). Facilitates access to information via the Web as a way client-server.

Company: Oracle 
Product: Oracle 9i AS Discoverer 
Description: Tool designed for queries, reporting, analysis and publication site that allows users to access information from data marts, data warehouses and transaction processing systems online without the need for administrators to set information advance.

Company: SAS 
Product: SAS Strategic Performance Management 
Description: Solution that translates the strategy and objectives of an organization in which actions can be measured and monitored through a single console. The results are distributed to all users of the company through the intranet.

Company: Software Systar 
Product: Business Bridge 
Description: Software used to quantify the performance of critical business processes in real time from the application of a standard set of metrics.

Company: Vincle 
Product: Board MIT 
Description: BI solution that combines capabilities of EIS, DSS and DWH in a single language, without the need for additional programming, facilitates decision-making process by creating scorecards and planning standards.