Tools for implementation of a Data Warehouse

There are many different companies that offer tools for the creation and operation of a Data Warehouse.
When it offers a complete suite, which covers the creation of the database to exploit the same for different profiles and targets, often seen as tools for Business Intelligence.
  • The Data Warehouse is implemented on a system provided database manager, and loads of data that are made on it from different backgrounds can use ETL tools, which allow to link the database with different origins, define transformations to be done for the integration of data, and schedule or automate regular loads. 
  • For operations using different tools, which can be classified according to the profile of the person who uses them.
    • The classic reporting tools are for users of different departments that need to operate in their daily work specific information.
    • For users profile analyst or management tools have been developed DSS (Decision Support Systems), or support systems for decision making.Could be regarded as reporting tools, but offer a number of features that enable users to perform analysis under different views of the data being examined. Allow modification and customization of onlinereports, and navigation on the selected data at different levels of detail as previously defined dimensions.
    • For higher level managers tools exist Table command,which does not cease to be reporting, but which allow you to add information so that one page is enough for managers to assess the state of the company in which he concerns.These reports have to be visual, simple, ia the same time very informative.
  • Finally, when trying to obtain as much information, or rather knowledge, the information from the company come into play the tools of Data Mining,Datamining or that provided with the experience of a business analyst who can parameterization and create a model to pursue specific targets, carried out an operation of the existing data in search of hidden relationships, groups or conclusions at first sight, or other type of analysis would have passed unnoticed.
Seeing all the functionality to cover business intelligence tools aimed at the exploitation of a Data Warehouse is not surprising that many companies miss the hands on the head when facing the implementation of such a system and consult the prices of the licenses from different suites in the market.
If the cost of these licenses is a significant barrier, especially for SMEs, an interesting option is the use of Open Source tools, or open source, which have no cost in terms of licenses, although they can have it if needed support and maintenance of them. Nor should we forget that software licenses do not necessarily represent the biggest expense in the implementation of a Data Warehouse.
A fairly comprehensive suite of free software, and also provides support services in its professional version, is called Pentaho, little known until now but surely will give you plenty to talk about shortly. You can view their features pentaho