Tools for reporting and analysis of corporate performance

In electronic publishing MCData.ti can be found a fairly complete classification of different tools related to business intelligence and data management. 
This is the description that makes the tools of reporting and data analysis.

Company: Altitude Software 
Product: UCI 2000 Plus 
Description: Suite of analytical solutions for managing interactions with customers in a personalized way. Thus, the agent can communicate with customers via telephone, email, Web or through traditional point of sale or fax.

Company: Bertelsmann Direct 
Product: BD Mercury 
Description: Solution-oriented companies that need to manage customer files with sales and marketing objectives. Opera on a database, mostly from customers, and is able to develop filters to define the details of the selection.

Product: BD Geocode 
Description: Integrated system for standardization and geocoding databases. It reaches a speed of more than 150,000 records per hour and allows the debugging information contained in the records: the names of roads, towns, provinces, and so on.

Product: BD Stat 
Description: Manager sociodemographic data visualization and analysis that provides information through maps designed for marketing campaigns.

Company: BG & S 
Product: Applix iTM1 
Description: Motor multidimensional designed to meet needs in the areas of planning, budgeting and analysis of simulation. Its architecture enables OLAP applications fully integrated with Excel, and perform simulations of systems of financial information in real time.

Product: Panorama Nova View E-BI 
Description: Third generation of the solution View Nova, a front-end features designed to take advantage of SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services and Microsoft. As an end user product, it can directly access critical information from enterprise environments web or local area networks.

Company: Brio Software 
Product: Brio Performance Suite 
Description: Platform for analysis and exploitation of corporate information that combines the generation of business reports to develop solutions for environments B2B, B2C and B2E. It consists of three analytical modules: Brio Intelligence, Brio Portal and Brio Reports.

Company: Business Objetcs 
Product: Business Objetcs 
Description: A tool that lets you access, analyze and share information stored in multiple data sources internal or external to the organization. Through a graphical interface, users can view data, create reports or perform a multidimensional analysis with options for cutting and rotation.

Product: Web Intelligence 
Description: Solution for Web environments that allows users to access, analyze and share corporate data via a browser. With this tool eliminates the need to install the software at the customer and its maintenance.

Product: Infoview 
Description: BI portal that collects and consolidates corporate information and presents it in a safe environment and personalized to users inside and outside the organization. Additionally, it also acts as a content provider for corporate information portals.

Product: Broadcast Agent 
Description: A tool for automating tasks, reporting and distributing information to thousands of users through multiple devices. Includes load balancing, fault tolerance and high availability.

Company: Computer Associates 
Product: CleverPath Reporter 
Description: Solution generating reports that integrate multiple queries from different databases and distributed platforms. Users can view the critical information, create sophisticated reports, planning and execution automatically distributed via the network or the Web.

Product: CleverPath Forest & Trees 
Description: visually rich development environment that allows easily create panels, has extensive data access and generating systems and DDS EIS.

Company: Cognos 
Product: Cognos Finance 
Description: Software that provides an analytical integrated Web environment for optimum financial processes streamline and facilitate the development of corporate budgets. It also allows you to integrate the results of each division with the forecast area.

Product: Cognos Series 
Description: Analytical Software providing a broad range of BI functions, from the ability to make advanced reports to the elaboration of consultation or the creation of data marts. It also includes a single web and manages corporate performance from a central portal.

Product: Cognos Analytic Applications 
Description: Suite of business prepackaged analytic applications (including models of sales analysis, billing analysis and analysis of accounting) that allows to monitor, analyze and understand information from various sources.

Company: Hyperion 
Product: Hyperion Essbase OLAP Server 
Description: Technology platform optimized to support several classes of analytic applications, either existing or newly created, aimed at strategic and tactical operations of the company. It is designed to operate in client-server environments with centralized databases and provides multidimensional navigation.

Product: Hyperion Enterprise 
Description: Application designed for the analytical global financial consolidation of companies through the generation of management reports and financial. Can build, learn and report on the financial activity of the company at any time.

Product: Hyperion Application Builder 
Description: A tool for developing Java-based technology that enables the creation of analytical applications for business. It is also capable of very powerful applications that allow access to multiple data sources, as well as relational databases.

Company: Information Builders 
Product: Reporting Server WebFocus 
Description: Application that enables reporting and analysis from any data on any platform or structure of generating files in HTML, DHTML, XML, Excel and PDF for Web browsers as wireless devices. It also incorporates a specific language for financial applications that enables the creation and calculation of related data.

Company: JD Edwards 
Product: JD Edwards Business Intelligence 
Description: Global Corporate Solution includes predefined reports and metrics that measure business processes critical to the company. Furthermore, improving the decision-making processes and provides analysis tools based on the web.

Company: Longview 
Product: Khalix 
Description: Suite of integrated applications that provides a wide range of financial functions, from reporting and analysis of management to budgeting and work planning and forecasting results.

Company: MicroStrategy 
Product: MicroStrategy Intelligence Server 
Description: Server optimized analytic business consulting, reporting and OLAP analysis. The processing of requests for reports from users is through web-type or wireless interfaces. 
Product: MicroStrategy Desktop 
Description: Software that features corporate consultation and reporting, and workflow analysis to support decision making. It also includes extensive analysis capabilities to corporate data online.

Product: MicroStrategy Web 
Description: analytical solution that offers users an interactive environment and an interface for reporting and analysis. Using this intuitive HTML-based tool, users can access and share data through a web browser on any operating system.

Company: MIS 
Product: MIS onVision 
Description: Solution-specific front-end compatible with various sources of transactional data (Oracle, SQL Server, MS Access and DB2) and multidimensional (SAP BW, Hyperion Essbase, MS Analysis Services and Oracle Express). Facilitates access to information via the Web as a way client-server.

Company: Primal Management Solutions 
Product: Cartesis Magnitude 
Description: Solution based entirely on the web for consolidation, reporting and strategic management (performance measurement) that fulfills all functions of BPM, which is fully compatible with the new IAS / IFRS.

Includes a wide range of services in a platform based on an Integrated Data Model (IDM) that allows a central place in an integrated automation of key financial processes on a single application, the immediate exchange and analysis of all data great agility and absolute security in the accuracy and precision.

Product: Smart Edition 
Description: Solution-oriented SMEs, available on web or windows. Cover with a single tool all financial management activities such as planning, preparing budget, forecasts, market consolidation, the management reporting and performance measurement.

Product: Server InterCompany 
Description: Application to optimize the process of reconciliation of intra-group transactions. Thanks to its technology and Web functionality, allows the reduction of time devoted to this task with low value added and faster publication of financial results.

Company: Optima Finance 
Product: Frango Consolidation and Reporting 
Description: Application-specific financial reporting and management, based on a unified data source, lets you organize information from different points of view: by product, according to the geographic area or business division. It is designed to fit each organization chart of accounts and that any group of companies may need.

Product: Frango Advisor 
Description: Application-specific financial planning that combines functions of processing, control, monitoring and financial reporting. It basically allows you to manage the budget by combining the corporate advantages of transactional systems and databases with the flexibility of spreadsheets.

Company: Oracle 
Product: Oracle Reports 
Description: tools for managing corporate reports. Allows organizations to give immediate access to information at all levels within and outside the organization in a scalable and secure.

Company: Sagent 
Product: Sagent Solution 
Description: Suite of integrated solutions specifically designed for high performance environments that allows users to access information in real time, from both the intranet and Internet.

Company: SAS 
Product: SAS Enterprise Guide 
Description: analytical solution (integrated methods and multivariate time series) that facilitates the generation of reports and includes an interface to data.

Product: SAS Enterprise Reporter 
Description: Application that allows to visualize, analyze and select from a wide range of formats those types of reports that best suit the needs of use required by the company.

Company: SPSS 
Product Showcase Strategy 
Description: Analytical Solution for IBM eServer iSeries which allows the execution of the process of reporting, data warehousing and OLAP tools. Package components include security management, data visualization and reporting.

Company: Sybase 
Product: Adaptive Server IQ 
Description: Solution specifically designed for storing data in Bit Wise, which is achieved with an increase in the speed of queries. Access to data is independent of the query and all the columns are indexed.

Product: e-Business Communication Solution 
Description: Solution analysis for telecommunications providers to facilitate the automation of sales processes, marketing, provisioning and customer care.

Producto: Industry Warehouse Studio 
Description: Infrastructure Data Storage packaged prepared as a vertical business model, with database structure and application development capabilities and methodology.

Company: Software Systar 
Product: Business Bridge 
Description: Software used to quantify the performance of critical business processes in real time from the application of a standard set of metrics.

Company: Teradata 
Product: Teradata CRM 
Description: The Teradata CRM suite includes a module of analysis which, through an interactive navigation or reports, to analyze and understand customers and their interactions with the business. It also facilitates the development of classifications for product usage patterns, by affinity or behavior.

Company: Vincle 
Product: Board MIT 
Description: BI solution that combines capabilities of EIS, DSS and DWH in a single language, without the need for additional programming, facilitates decision-making process by creating scorecards and planning standards.