Using synonyms to share objects

How to use Oracle's synonyms for a user to view / use objects in a schema owned by another user.
It's very simple and really useful. All you have to do is create a synonym for each object you want to 'share', and then assign the permissions that are interested in the scheme you want to access the object.

- Creating a synonym
FOR "I". "My_table";

We used to share a public synonym for various schemes. The allocation of permits itself to be specific for each scheme have to access the object

- Assigning permissions for the user
GRANT SELECT ON "I". "My_table" TO "EL"
GRANT UPDATE ON "I". "My_table" TO "EL"
GRANT INSERT ON "I". "My_table" TO "EL"
GRANT DELETE ON "I". "My_table" TO "EL"

- If you want to query only access to the same table to another user, it would suffice to maker
GRANT SELECT ON "I". "My_table" TO "IT"

Now "THE" and "IT" and can work on "my_table" each with the permissions that the owner has decided to table